Four Fundamental Beliefs: Not Why or How but Who

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When we are in pain, our natural state is to question why: “Why is this happening to me?” “How am I going to get through this?” Question like Why? and How? keep us focused on ourselves and our problems, which causes us to magnify them both. The more we ask Why? and How?, the larger our problems grow in our minds.

I have learned to replace every Why? and How? with Who? Who loves me with an everlasting love? God does! Who has a purpose and plan for me that is good? God does! Who is carrying me through this painful experience? God is! Who is in control and working this painful situation for good? God is!

As I focus on Who? rather than on Why? or How?, my perspective of God grows while my perspective of my problem shrinks. While my problem remains just as large as it ever was, I have stopped comparing the size of my problem to myself. Instead, I view the size of my problem in relation to the size of my God, and I realize that I have nothing to fear.

For example, we can all agree that a skyscraper is big. If we compare it to our own size, it seems massive. We certainly cannot push it over with our own hands. As long as we stay focused on the size of the skyscraper in comparison to our own size, we will conclude that we are no match for a skyscraper.

However, imagine that the skyscraper is located at the base of Mt. Everest. Now the skyscraper is not the central focus of your view. Yes, it is still larger than you are, but it pales in comparison to the mountain behind it. While the skyscraper has not grown smaller, your perspective of the skyscraper has grown smaller in comparison to the large mountain behind it.

This is the same dynamic that happens when you change your Why? or How? to Who?. God is infinitely bigger than the skyscraper problems in your life. Stay focused on who He is, and your skyscraper problems won’t block your view of the mountain behind them.

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[Graphic: Cartoon of Grace shrugging her shoulders above the word, “Why?” Courtesy Bitmoji.]