God Brings in Reinforcements

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One of Elijah’s concerns was that he was all alone in dealing with his problem. The truth is that none of us is alone. Not only do we have God, which is really all we need, but we also have one another – our brothers and sisters in Christ to stand shoulder to shoulder with us as we work together to accomplish the Lord’s tasks. God sent Elijah back the way he had come, not alone but with reinforcements, including a protégé and 7,000 people who had been faithful to God.

God placed heavily on my heart that I needed to ask my Christian sisters to pray for me. I sent out an email to my small group ladies (12 of them) asking for prayers and received several supportive emails and texts, reminding me that I was not alone. A few hours after this, God began the restoration process, and I credit these lovely women with providing me with the hope I needed to turn to God in my pain rather than run from Him. I needed to wait for hope, and I found that hope in the form of 12 wonderfully supportive Christian women who loved me enough to hold me in prayer and send me comforting words of encouragement when I was at the bottom of an emotional pit.

I used to be anti-“organized religion” because I had been hurt by church people. However, the Bible is very clear that we are collectively the Body of Christ and that we need one another. I might be the best eye in the world, but without legs and feet to carry me around, what I see isn’t going to change much. We need one another, and we can strengthen one another by holding out a torch of hope when others are struggling.

I began this blog series with a quote from George Matheson about waiting for hope. Last week, I learned that hope comes in the form of one another. Even though I have a close, deep, personal, and intimate relationship with my Creator, I still need my Body to help me connect with my Head, particularly when I am feeling weak and vulnerable. I used to wonder why collective prayer matters. I am beginning to appreciate how crucial intercessory prayer is to the Christian walk.

[Graphic: Cartoon of Grace cheering in victory while surrounded by multicolored stars. Courtesy Bitmoji.]