Choosing to Behave as a Child of God Regardless of what Society Does

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I hope you have found this series helpful and are determined to live like a child of God during this busy season rather than blend in with the World. We cannot allow society to drive our choices. We don’t have to participate in rampant consumerism and cheapen the celebration of Jesus’ birth to an occasion to sell merchandise. We can choose to focus on the amazing blessing of Jesus coming to earth to reconcile us to God. Don’t allow the pressures and busyness of the Christmas season to take your focus off your relationship with God.

Remembering the sacrifice Jesus made should draw us closer to God, not place a wedge between Him and us as we race through this season to get everything done. The best gift you can give Jesus in gratitude for his coming is to spend more time with him because that was the point of Jesus coming to earth – to reconcile us to God so we could be in relationship with Him. Thanks to Jesus, we can now approach God with freedom and confidence, something that was not possible before Jesus’ sacrifice. Let’s not cheapen this amazing gift by placing our focus on commercialism and racing around. Instead, let’s spend even more time in intimate fellowship with God, enjoying the amazing gift of being able to enter His presence, thanks to Jesus coming to earth.

It all comes down to choice. Each of us chooses how we spend our time. What a travesty to choose doing things allegedly for God without actually spending any time with God. If we really want to show our gratitude for Jesus’ birth, we can do this best by setting aside daily time for close, intimate fellowship God. That was the point of Jesus coming in the first place.

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Checking that Christmas Attitude: Impatience

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At no other time of year do I see so many indicators of impatience when I am out and about. I never hear so many cars blaring their horns or see so many cars racing through parking lots, often as they are speeding down the rows going in the wrong direction. People are racing through the stores with tense looks on their faces as they navigate through the crowds. I see tapping feet and multiple checks of the watch while people impatiently wait in long lines. While the Christmas songs speak of the joys of the hustle and bustle of Christmas shopping, joy is not the word I would use to describe the attitudes I see in the local stores at this time of year.

Patience is one of the fruit of the Spirit. The Bible frequently admonishes God’s people to be patient. When we participate in blaring our horns, racing through parking lots, and bowling other shoppers over in our race to the checkout line, we are not exhibiting the Christian walk. Our attitudes need to be different from the World’s.

Learning patience did not come easily to me. I actually prayed for patience, which I recommend against doing unless you are prepared to wait a lot. After all, how can someone develop patience without having to wait? God is patient, as was Jesus during his time on this earth. If you call yourself a Christian, you need to develop the fruit of patience.

The antidote to impatience is actively extending grace, which happens as you practice humility. (This does not come easily to me, either.) Remember that every person you interact with in a crowded store is someone Jesus loves enough to die for. Thus, you also need to extend love to that person, even when she’s counting out pennies to pay for her purchase with 10 people impatiently waiting in line behind her. Rather than thinking about what you would like to do with that penny jar, pray for God to help you see this person through His eyes. Be the one person in line who smiles rather than glares at her. Communicate through your body language that she is loved rather than an annoyance.

This is a situation where I find it helpful to have memorized large passages of Scripture. As I recite Scripture in my head, I find it easier to extend grace. I also find it easier when I meditate on a Christian song. Get your focus off yourself and the bottleneck in front of you and, instead, place it on God, where it belongs.

To be continued…

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Checking that Christmas Attitude: Rushing

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Another prevalent attitude I have notice at this time of year is that most people seem to be in a rush. They are racing from here to there as they shop, attending Christmas parties, and make preparations for the upcoming holiday on top of their already overfilled busy lives. This is not the lifestyle that God has called us to. Just because society has mainstreamed racing from here to there does not mean God’s children should live that way.

God calls us to rest, which is why He commanded His people to take a weekly Sabbath. He knows our propensity to work harder … and faster … and harder … and faster … until our lives become one big blur of trying to get things done. As we do this, we lose sight of the things that really matter – worshiping our God and loving one another. How can I possibly invest time in loving you when my priority is getting 20 things done in the next two hours?

The late Dallas Willard’s answer to how to deepen your relationship with God is to…

Ruthlessly eliminate hurry from your life.” ~ Dallas Willard

How ironic that at the time of year in which we are supposed to be celebrating the birth of our Lord, we are actually at the most vulnerable for strangling our spiritual lives because we are too busy hurrying to get things done to take time to worship God and love others.

Don’t tell me you are too busy to spend time with God. At this time of year, you are actually too busy not to spend time with God. It is precisely because you are so busy that you need the discipline of slowing down and praying so you can maintain your focus on God. Don’t let society pull you into the stream of business. Refuse to hurry, and prioritize your prayer life and Sabbath rest. As Bill Hybels says, you are too busy not to pray!

To be continued…

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