Change Your Attitude

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In my last blog entry, I talked about how I have been complaining about an area of my life that I am tired of dealing with. I have made the decision to stop complaining, even though the circumstances have gotten worse rather than better. But watching my mouth is not enough – I also need to change my attitude.

I previously shared that I am inspired by Vicktor Frankl, who managed to keep a positive attitude in a concentration camp. The situation I am frustrated with is nowhere near the level of intensity of what Frankl dealt with. If he could keep a positive attitude there, then God can certainly equip me for a positive attitude here.

One concept I have been pondering to help me choose a better attitude is that I am a servant of God. A servant doesn’t get to tell the master what he wants to do. The master tells the servant what to do, and the servant does it, whether he likes it or not. So, I’m trying to keep the attitude that if God wants me metaphorically cleaning latrines, then that’s what the Master has called me to do. It’s a job that needs to be done, the Master has chosen me as His servant to do it, and so I need to do it with a positive attitude. Whether or not I like the assignment is not relevant. I cannot call God my LORD and refuse to submit to His authority.

As I have previously shared, submitting to authority is not my strength. In my flesh, I don’t want to do it at all, and if I do, the authority better be trustworthy. This particular situation involves my struggles with earthly authority that I do not trust. However, I do trust God, and He’s my Master. Thus, until He tells me the latrines are clean enough to stop, I need to keep doing the assignment He has given me, not because I like the earthly authority but because I trust my LORD.

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Stop Complaining

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I’m not proud of it, but in my flesh, I’m a big-time complainer. Years ago, if my lips were moving, I was grumbling about something. Gratitude was a foreign concept to me.

Thankfully, I have come a long way since then, in large part thanks to Ann Voskamp’s One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are, from which I learned to focus intentionally on counting my blessings. No matter what’s going on in my life, I have many things to be grateful for.

When I’m in a bad place emotionally, I start by thanking God for the elements of the bathroom – having the luxury of hot water for a shower, being able to use a toilet rather than an outhouse, having toilet paper rather than leaves (or whatever they used in Biblical times) … you get the point. When we’re suffering, it can be easy to let our pain overshadow our blessings, so focusing on something simple like the bathroom is a good way for me to begin the process of shifting my perspective back to one of gratitude.

Despite my progress, there’s one area of my life that has been bothering me for a while. It’s gotten gradually worse and worse to the point that I have been ready to remove it from my life since the end of last year, but God still has me in the situation. I have learned from past experience that until God gives me the green light to leave, I need to stay … but I don’t want to stay, and that’s invited my Flesh to start grumbling again.

It’s disturbing how easily we can fall back into old patterns like complaining. I just make one simple negative comment … no big deal. That makes it easier to make the second negative comment … and then the third … and so on. Before I know it, I can’t seem to be able to talk about this area of my life without grumbling.

So, I’m now holding myself accountable for what comes out of my mouth. The Bible says that I should only be saying things that are beneficial to others and builds them up. Complaining doesn’t do that, so it’s time to stop. God help me because this is very difficult for me in my flesh, but nothing is impossible with God.

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Stop Seeking the World’s Peace

A friend bought me the book Daily Wisdom for Women 2017 Devotional Collection, and I have been working through it each morning during my quiet time. I was blown away by this quote from Sunday, June 25, which was written by Jennifer Vander Klipp:

When we pray during life’s storms, we tend to think God is going to make things the way we want them, with ease, comfort, lack of conflict, and prosperity. But those things are not the things that draw us closer to Him and grow our faith. He promises never to leave us and to give us His peace, not the world’s peace. His ways are different from ours…

The end of that quote is what hit me hard – For all of these years, I have been asking for God to give me the world’s peace! I never thought of it in those terms, but it’s true. I want a life that’s easy, comfortable, and problem-free, which is the world’s definition of peace. Anyone with or without a faith finds it peaceful to be in a state of external comfort. That’s why we love vacations, spas, etc. These are slivers of time in which our problems are temporarily removed as we focus on our own comfort. However, God’s peace is internal, not external, and is completely independent of our circumstances.

And the next thought about God’s ways being different from ours drove home the point that I need to learn: I need to stop praying for God to give me what the world offers and start receiving what God has already provided. I already have access to God’s peace 24/7 because I always have access to GOD! He IS peace. But I haven’t been looking to God for peace in the form He offers. I have been asking Him to remove X, Y, and Z from my life to give me the World’s comfort instead of opening my spirit to receive God’s peace, which works even if X, Y, & Z get worse instead of better.

God, forgive me for seeking the World’s peace instead of You. Help me follow Your ways instead of the World’s ways and receive the glorious blessing of Your peace, which has been available to me all along. Turn my eyes off my external circumstances and back onto You where they belong. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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