Four Fundamental Beliefs: God is in Control

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I used to be a “control freak.” Seriously! I had every minute of every day planned out for three weeks in advance, and I would have a panic attack if plans fell through, leaving me with an unplanned day.

I needed to feel in control over my life, which was one reason I struggled with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD). I needed to control things that didn’t matter because I was unable to control the things that did, such as being abused as a child, being infertile, and having no control over the adoption process. However, no matter how much planning I did, I could not control every aspect of my life, which fueled my anxiety.

What a blessing it was when I finally chose to embrace the reality that God is in control over every aspect of my life. Nothing that happens in my life is a surprise to Him, and He already has a plan to work the situation for good before I even know I have a problem.

It’s hard to see that your life is in God’s control as you look forward and see nothing but chaos surrounding you. However, when you look backward, you can see the many ways that God has actually been in control over your life, working it for good. As an example, if I had not been infertile, I would not have adopted my son, who I have no question God intended to be a part of this family. If my son had not been bullied, he wouldn’t be back at Youth Group right now. If I had not gotten the flu before leaving for Italy, I would have been sick during one of the most amazing trips of my life!

While I am not going to like everything I experience in my life, God always has a plan to work it for good. He has transformed my child abuse into a ministry, my infertility into an adoptive family, and my challenges with parenting a special needs child into a professional platform. I don’t need to fear even the most painful life events because God will heal the pain and transform my suffering into beauty. God is truly that powerful.

Once you realize that God is in control, you can let go of the reins. You can stop worrying and endlessly thinking up contingency plans because you know in the marrow of your bones that God is in control. Whatever it is that you are facing, God’s got this.

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[Graphic: Cartoon of Grace lying on the ground and holding up a sign that says, “I give up.” Courtesy Bitmoji.]