Four Fundamental Beliefs: Need for All Four

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I have been discussing the importance of four fundamental beliefs of the Christian faith: that God loves you, is good, is with you, and is in control. Think of these four beliefs as legs supporting a stool. If you are short on any of them, this will affect your balance.

For example, if you believe that God is with you but doubt that He loves you, you won’t find comfort in his constant presence. Instead, you might worry that He is always watching you to catch you doing something wrong so He can send you to hell. Or let’s say you believe that God is in control but not that He is good. Instead of finding comfort in knowing that God is in control, the thought might terrify you because God has the power to do whatever He wants, and that power is scary if it will be used to harm you.

Think about these four fundamental beliefs as perspectives from four corners of a room. If I only see God’s control, I’ll be terrified if I don’t believe that He loves me and is good. If I only see His love, I might question whether He is actually in control over my life as I view Him as a distant God who isn’t an active participant in my daily life.

However, when we truly believe these four aspects of God’s character, the stool holds us steady, helping us keep our balance when the ground shakes beneath us. When we fear what lies before us, we can remind ourselves that God loves us, is good, is with us, and is in control. Therefore, we need not fear anything that comes our way. We can know that we are going to be OK because God cannot go against His own nature.

Whenever I am tempted to worry about a circumstance in my life, I remind myself that God loves me, is good, is with me, and is in control. That reminder is enough to get me to take a deep breath and thank God for carrying me through this season of life. I don’t have to know “how” … I only have to know “who.”

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