God Knows More Than My Name

u_get_meA recurring theme in Contemporary Christian music is that God knows my name. Whenever I hear that lyric, I think, “Thank goodness that’s not all He knows!”

For people who feel disconnected from God, I’m guessing it’s reassuring to hear that God knows your name. However, I think about the many people whose names I know but who I don’t know a thing about other than what the tabloids tell me, much of which is likely untrue. And then the things that really matter about those people aren’t going to make it into the tabloids. Only their closest friends will know the information that really matters, and some of the most important information might not even be shared with them. So, yeah, I know their names, but I don’t know them.

Contrast this with the knowledge that God has of you:

Are not five sparrows sold for two pennies? Yet not one of them is forgotten by God. Indeed, the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows.” Luke 12:6-7

Even I don’t know how many hairs I have on my own head, but God does. That’s a level of caring that I don’t even have about myself!

Yes, I love that God knows my name, but I love even more that He understands the way I tick, which is something I don’t fully understand myself. Thanks to the child abuse, my brain developed differently from a “normal” brain, causing me to react differently than other people to particular stimuli. As I have healed from the child abuse, I have grown to understand some of my triggers (thanks to flashbacks), but others continue to perplex me. However, God is not perplexed. He knows exactly why I think and do what I think and do, and He loves me through it all.

I love that I have a God who knows me intimately … who knows where I have been, am now, and where I am going … who knows exactly what I need … who completely understands my peculiarities that I don’t understand about myself … and who loves me completely exactly as I am, even knowing me that intimately. Love like that is transforming and runs far deeper than simply knowing my name.

[Graphic: Cartoon of Grace with her hands on her heart below the words, “U Get Me.” Courtesy Bitmoji.]

Four Fundamental Beliefs: God is Always with You

u_thereContinued from here.

One of my greatest fears used to be abandonment. I was insecure in all of my relationships and feared the day that the other person would inevitably leave, breaking my heart in the process.

I’m sure my father’s sudden death when I was 16 years old contributed to this fear. One day, my father left for a business trip and never came home. Just like “that,” he was gone. In a moment, my life as I had known it was over, and I had to figure out a way for my life to be OK without my father in it.

I struggled with being a “control freak” throughout much of my adult life because I wanted to guarantee that my life would never shift so drastically again. However, I could not control loss. Friendships ends. People move away. Relationships drift apart. People die. This is all part of life. The only guarantee we have in life is that it is going to change.

And yet…

There is one relationship that will NEVER go away. I have one safe haven in this ever-changing world that I never, ever have to worry about losing, and that is God. He will never die, move away, get bored with me, lose interest in me, or abandon me. He is my solid ground in a world filled with shifting sand. He is the one true thing I can count on — He is always with me.

If you have invited Jesus into your heart, you are never alone. Never! You never need to feel abandoned, alone, or forgotten because He is Lahai Roi, the God who sees you.

When nobody else sees all that you do behind the scenes, God does. When everyone else abandons you, the God of the universe is right there with you. When you cry yourself to sleep, He is there and sees every tear. And when you face down your enemies, you are never alone.

Rest in the reality that your God is ALWAYS with you. In this ever-changing life, He is the one thing that will never, ever change – the One you can always count on.

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