Double Standard in How Men versus Women are Treated

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This week, I’m responding to an excellent blog article entitled The Good Guys, written by my favorite blogger, Gary Thomas. I encourage you to read this article first.

Thomas pointed out that many “good guys” live with a double standard that most women fail to notice. As an example, Thomas’ article opened with his friend pointing out that when he returns from a trip, he’s expected to take an Uber home from the airport whereas when his wife returns from a trip, he’s expected to drive to the airport to pick her up. Thomas also noted the differences between how Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are treated, even within churches.

This Mother’s Day versus Father’s Day difference is something I had been pondering before reading this article because of a comment made in my Journey Group. I belong to the United Methodist Church, and my local church has reinstituted Class Meetings, but we have labeled them as Journey Groups because the members “journey together” as they grow their faith. I have been leading a Journey Group for couples since March, which has been a new experience for me. While I have been leading small groups through my church for 14 years, most have been for women. I’ve only recently been co-leading a coed Sunday School class. Leading a small group for couples as well as being in a small group as a couple is a new experience for me.

For the first 8 weeks, our Journey Group met weekly on Sunday afternoons. However, as summer rolled around, we realized that we needed to cut back to meeting every other week because of summer travel and holidays. It was a given that our Journey Group would not meet on Mother’s Day because all of the couples had big plans. Our senior pastor is retiring, and the big church celebration was scheduled for June 9, so we obviously were not going to meet on that day. I assumed we would have to skip two weeks because of June 16 being Father’s Day, but the men quickly jumped in and said that would not be necessary – that Father’s Day is quite different than Mother’s Day. Meeting as a group on Father’s Day wouldn’t interfere with anything.

All of these husbands are really great guys. They love their wives. They provide for their family. I jokingly call our Journey Group the “Reluctant Spouse” Journey Group because all of the husbands only committed because their wives asked them to. So, why was Mother’s Day so sacred that we needed to cancel the meeting and Father’s Day so unimportant that it was OK to meet on that holiday?

To be continued…

[Graphic: Cover of Cherish: The One Word That Changes Everything for Your Marriage. Courtesy Amazon.]

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