God’s Will Comes with Confirmation

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You have searched the Scriptures and feel confident that what you are feeling led to do is consistent with God’s Word and character. However, you still aren’t sure that God is specifically calling you to do it. Now what?

I pray for God to give me some sort of sign that I am to take action, which is consistent with God’s Word. I also tell God that I will do exactly as He is leading me to do: I’m simply asking for confirmation so I don’t embark upon a journey that falls outside of His will. The signs I have received have not been as dramatic as the confirmation that Gideon experienced, but I have seen God give some really obvious signs to other people. The signs of confirmation I receive are typically more subtle, but I have learned to recognize them.

Here’s a specific example: God led me to step down from leading a Bible study through my church that I started six years ago. I’ve missed leading a Bible study and felt a strong desire to lead another one, but I knew I needed to wait for God to show me when and where. I got a phone call from a woman who lives in a Christian transitional home, asking me to come to the thrift store that supports the ministry. While I was there, another woman from the transitional home asked to talk with me, and I felt strong compassion for her. Then, the conflict I had for attending a fundraiser for the transitional home was unexpectedly canceled. At the fundraiser, someone just happened to mention that the ministry had lost a teacher and that they needed a Bible study leader on Tuesday mornings. I had no question that God’s will was for me to fill that empty slot.

I have found that God’s will often makes no logical sense. I work on Tuesdays, so I had to shift my work hours around to free up my schedule. While I did have a strong desire to lead another Bible study, sometimes God’s will has me suddenly feeling a nudge to do something that I, quite frankly, would not typically want to do. A prime example is my sudden desire to work for a prison ministry when I had been resistant to prison ministry for most of my life. When I suddenly feel drawn to doing something that aligns with God’s Word and is something that I would not typically want to do, I know that’s God’s will.

To be continued…

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