Ragamuffins Living with a Tilted Halo

tilted haloContinued from here.

As a ragamuffin, I love my tilted halo. It’s such as relief not having a constant headache from a halo that is too tight on my head. I’m never going to be able to live perfectly, and that’s OK. What God is looking for is imperfect progress, which I am making.

Christians who obsess over doing everything “right” are missing the point of grace. Our attempts to “be perfect” are nothing more than filthy rags, which I have heard actually refer to menstrual cloths in the original Hebrew. No matter how “good” I am, I’m never going to be “good enough.” Praise God that I don’t have to be! God loves me – and He loves you – exactly the way we are. He loves us in our imperfection, and that’s the way He calls us to love another.

I believe the reason that most people struggle to love those who are different from themselves is because they have not yet tasted the grace that God has given them. Yes, they know about the grace of God in their heads, and many can even recite Bible verses that reference God’s grace. But until you have tasted God’s grace for yourself, you will find yourself continually frustrated and God’s joy eluding you. Why? Because grace cannot be earned.

Someone who has never known grace is easy to spot. It’s that person who is never satisfied, no matter how hard someone else tries to please him or her. The music is not to his liking. She doesn’t care for the topic of the sermon. He constantly compares himself to others, judging other people for not doing something as well as he does. She feels the need to correct others and point out their faults. Praise God that He never treats us like this!

If you have never tasted the sweetness of God’s grace, I encourage you to loosen and tilt your halo. God loves you as you are, not as you ought to be. Why? Because He chooses to.

[Graphic: Cartoon of Grace with a tilted halo over her head. Courtesy Bitmoji.]