When God Brings the Season to an End

I recently finished reading Wayne Jacobsen’s book, In Season: Embracing the Father’s Process of Fruitfulness, which explains the metaphor of Jesus being the Vine and us being the branches. The book is divided into four parts – one for each season: Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. God has revealed to me that I am in the season of Winter, which means my season of harvest is coming to a close, and I am having to say goodbye to areas that once produced much fruit. As a Type A, results-driven person, the transition from Fall to Winter is a difficult one for me.

Everything I do throughout Spring and Summer is geared toward producing fruit in the Fall. God places the vision on my heart in Spring, and I want it so badly that I can taste it. All of my energy pours into this new project, and I can visualize a bountiful harvest that nobody else can yet see. I don’t question that my branches are pregnant with the seeds that will one day burst into a bountiful harvest. I know that I cannot do it on my own – that God is the one who is growing the tiny seeds of fruit inside of my branch – but I’m filled with the anticipation of seeing the bounty that He has in store. I know that God is working and that I get to be a part of the process. I’m good at Spring.

I’m also good at Summer … not that I enjoy fighting the elements as I persevere through the obstacles of spiritual attack trying to get me to quit. God blessed me with a stubborn nature, which didn’t feel like much of a blessing when I turned it against God. However, now that I’m fully sold out to following God no matter where He leads, I’m able to endure the harshest conditions because I WILL NOT QUIT. I will reach the harvest in the Fall or die trying, but the harvest won’t be thwarted by my giving up.

And then the Fall totally ROCKS because that’s the fun part – watching the fruit burst forth into a bountiful harvest. But the season of harvest cannot last forever. The days grow shorter and the nights colder as the season shifts to Winter, which is where I find myself now.

To be continued…

[Graphic: Cover of In Season: Embracing the Father’s Process of Fruitfulness. Courtesy Amazon.]


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