But I Know I’m Right!!

told_you_soContinued from here.

You’ve researched the topic in the Bible and are convinced that you are right, but other people aren’t doing it that way. What do you do? Live it out! That’s what I do.

In every area of my life in which I “do justly” (live in obedience to God’s commands in the Bible), I experience peace, freedom, and fruitfulness. People who are not living in alignment with God in those areas do not. Over time, they will see my example and ask me about it. Then, they will have the option to obey that command (such as forgive someone who wronged them or submit to authority) or not. If they do, they will also experience peace, freedom, and fruitfulness. If they don’t, then they won’t.

Jesus did not grow his disciples’ maturity through having them read the Torah and “do right.” Instead, he led by example, and that’s what we are called to do as well. When we kick people out of our churches who see things differently, they don’t get the opportunity to walk alongside us and see what freedom, peace, and fruitfulness looks like in that area of life. If you are truly “right” and are obedient to that truth, then your life will bear fruit that everyone around you can see. If you remain in bondage despite “doing what’s right,” then it’s time to consider what that lack of fruitfulness might indicate.

Always remember that Jesus did not come to “make bad people good.” Instead, he came to “make dead people alive.” If we kick the “dead people” out of our churches and refuse to fellowship with them, how will they awaken to the fact that they are dead? Bringing life to those who are dead is so much more important than “being right.” Jesus did not emphasize “being right.” He emphasized being unified. It’s time that we, as a Church, start aligning our priorities with his.

[Graphic: Cartoon of Grace looking smug and saying, “Told you so.” Courtesy Bitmoji.]