Guarding Your Mouth as You Wait for Your Long Miracle

oh_reallyContinued from here.

The area of my life in which a miracle has recently taken place plagued me for decades. If it’s true that God saves all of our tears, one huge ocean is filled with nothing but the tears I shed over this particularly painful area of bondage that plagued me for my entire life. I used to complain about this problem – A LOT. In fact, friends who knew me “back in the day” who read this blog may have a good idea what I’m talking about … and will be SHOCKED to read this!!

Several years ago, as I was crying out to God about this area of bondage for the millionth time, God placed heavily on my heart that He was going to heal it. I didn’t believe it. I actually asked, “In THIS lifetime??,” thinking that perhaps there really is such a thing as reincarnation and that God would start again in my next lifetime. I then asked, “In THIS relationship??” because I couldn’t see how this area of bondage, which involves the dynamics of another person and thus brings an extra set of challenges to be overcome, could possibly ever change. God’s answer to both was, “Yes – In THIS lifetime and in THIS relationship.” The Bible says that if someone states that God said X and it does not come to pass, then he is a false prophet. I was careful not to tell anyone for a very long time about sensing this promise from God because it seemed so unbelievable, and I didn’t want to bring judgment on myself by misrepresenting God’s words.

That’s not all I stayed silent about, though. I completely stopped talking about my area of bondage. I stopped saying things like, “I’ll always have this problem” or “This is never going to change.” I decided that if God was working in this area of my life, I needed to shut my mouth and not speak against whatever God was doing. This was difficult because for a very long time, from the outside, nothing seemed to be changing. However, way deep inside, like a seed planted deep within the soil, a miracle was taking root.

To be continued…

[Graphic: Cartoon of Grace looking surprised and asking, “O RLY?!” <Oh, really?> Courtesy Bitmoji.]


2 thoughts on “Guarding Your Mouth as You Wait for Your Long Miracle

  1. You are so spot on. Great post.


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