The LONG Miracle

God has recently performed a miracle in my life. It’s not one with lots of bells and whistles so that others notice it. In fact, the person close to me who is most affected by it did not realize it had taken place until I pointed it out. However, if you took a snapshot of that area of my life 15 years ago and held it up next to my life today, your jaw would drop. You would find it hard to believe what you were seeing because transformation like that doesn’t happen … and yet, it did.

I’m not going to share the specifics on this blog for three reasons: (1) It’s a private area of my life; (2) It affects someone else, so sharing the details publicly would not be considerate of that person’s privacy; and (3) By not sharing the details, I can paint the concept with a broader brush and, hopefully, inspire you to believe that God has the power to transform your long-term area of struggle as well.

I love this line from the movie Faith Like Potatoes:

The condition for a miracle is difficulty, however the condition for a great miracle is not difficulty, but impossibility.” ~ Angus Buchan

Everyone wants to experience a miracle, but none of us wants to have to endure the conditions necessary to require a miracle. We don’t want to be paralyzed for 38 years or experience blindness since birth. And yet, those are the very people who experienced Jesus’ miracles – those with long-term, impossible situations that only God could change. And God’s intervention brought Him glory.

The primary difference in those stories and mine is that they were healed in an instant. That isn’t my testimony for my miracle, even though my miracle is every bit is powerful as those. Instead, God brought about my transformation a teeny, tiny bit at a time. It happened so slowly that it’s only through hindsight that I can see His hand at work years before I had any awareness that He was moving in this area of my life.

To be continued…

[Graphic: Cover of Faith Like Potatoes. Courtesy Amazon.


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