Looking Forward to Heaven

haloContinued from here.

I’m not sure how good of a job I did in explaining C.S. Lewis’ views of heaven in his book, The Problem of Pain. I encourage you to read his book for yourself – it’s one of the most profound books I have ever read!

As I said when I started this series, I don’t generally spend much time thinking about heaven. I have enough to keep me busy here on earth, and all I need to know is that heaven is going to be good. I have never really seen the point in speculating about it. However, after reading Lewis’ perspective, I have a different mindset because what he shared resonates deeply with me.

I have experienced much pain in my life. Yes, I know that everyone experiences pain, but I have lived most of my life believing that God went overboard in allowing as much pain into my life as He did, particularly in my childhood. It seemed so unfair. However, when I can view what I am learning here on earth through that pain as preparing me for the rhythms of heaven, I am able to view my circumstances and experiences differently. God isn’t “picking on me.” He has actually given me a gift that drove me into His arms, and that yearning I feel inside for something just beyond my reach will one day know fulfillment.

I love the notion of being able to experience God in a deeply intimate way that that takes nothing away from your ability to experience Him in an equally intimate, and yet different, way than I do. That’s a concept I don’t have to wait to get to heaven to start applying – I can do that now. In this earthly body, it’s ingrained that whatever is given to you must be taken away from me and vice versa, but you and I can both become our truest selves with deeply personal and intimate relationships with God that are very different from one another. What’s even better is that I benefit from your deepening relationship with God just as you benefit from mine. This helps me better understand the Body of Christ and my role in it. Thanks, C.S. Lewis!

[Graphic: Cartoon of Grace wearing a halo. Courtesy Bitmoji.]


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