Big Victories Do Not Ensure Confidence in Smaller Battles

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If you are unfamiliar with the story of the prophet Elijah’s spectacular victory against the Baal worshipers, immediately followed by depression so heavy that he wanted to die, I recommend clicking on the links and reading both stories before proceeding.

The first lesson to be gleaned is that we can be vulnerable to smaller spiritual attacks, even after big victories. I find it interesting that Elijah didn’t waver when he was the only prophet of the Lord in a showdown against 850 Baal and Asherah worshipers and yet was clearly shaken to the core over the threat of one woman. From the outside, it seems ludicrous to believe God can protect us from the big threats and yet not come through with protecting us from the smaller ones.

And yet, that’s what just happened to me this week! Now, my story isn’t nearly as dramatic as Elijah’s, but the general theme is the same. God has blessed me in amazing ways. I have recently rested in Him in several big areas of my life, even as others in the trenches with me have worried. I have been the one reassuring people that God is bigger than X and that He is going to come through. In other words, I have been the voice of hope for many people in different areas of my life. But then the enemy came after me with an old recording of things that used to rattle me, and it worked! I found my mind being pulled from one negative thought to the next, and I felt as hopeless as I did before God led me to victory in those areas. So, why was I right back in that hopeless place again?

A friend puts it this way: “I can valiantly fight off the shark attack, but I’m being nibbled to death by guppies!” Yes, that’s what I struggled with as well last week. Nothing I was dealing with was huge. Instead, I was overwhelmed that no matter where I looked in my life, I couldn’t keep up. Although I trusted God to be bigger than a shark, He seemed smaller than the sheer volume of guppies, which temporarily caused me to lose hope. I needed to wait for hope to tap into the strength to fight back.

To be continued…

[Graphic: Cartoon of Grace sinking in quicksand under the word, “Help!” Courtesy Bitmoji.]


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