When Spiritual Attack turns Outward

perseveranceContinued from here.

I believe I have blogged about this topic before, but it bears repeating … Once you reach a place of persevering despite receiving no foreseeable blessings and regardless of spiritual attacks launched against you, the enemy starts picking on the people you love. This is an area of spiritual attack that I did not see coming when I entered into professional ministry, and it was (and continues to be) harder for me than direct assaults. When I am attacked, I know how to stand my ground and fight back with prayer, praise, and worship. However, I cannot make these choices for those I love, and I love a lot of people whose faith isn’t as strong yet. I pray for and encourage them, but I cannot choose to trust God for them – only they can make that choice. And when they are pummeled by the enemy, some of them sink into despair, and I know they are suffering because of the bulls eye placed on them because of their relationship with me. It’s a tough position to be in.

I wonder if perhaps this dynamic is what Jesus was talking about in Matt. 10:37 when he said,

Anyone who loves their father or mother more than me is not worthy of me; anyone who loves their son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me.”

When I see my friends and family members suffering from spiritual attack, it’s distracting. I must make a choice – Will I continue to obey what God has called me to do, even as my loved ones experience the suffering of spiritual attack? It can be tempting to step away from obeying God in the hopes of bringing those I love some peace. But that would be loving them more than I love God, which would make me unworthy of Jesus. (Side note – I’m painfully aware of my unworthiness of Jesus, regardless of how well I obey him.) I must always choose God, no matter the cost. Boy, is that hard when it’s someone I love paying the price for my choice!

To be continued…

[Graphic: Cartoon of Grace rolling a boulder uphill over the word, “Perseverance.” Courtesy Bitmoji.]


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