Changing the Way You Think

thinkingContinued from here.

Years ago, God powerfully transformed my life through sharing one simple truth: what I am feeling right now is a byproduct of what I have been thinking. Change what I am thinking, and it will change what I am feeling. This is why the Bible tells us…

Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.” ~ Phil. 4:8

When you think about lovely things, you have lovely feelings. When you think about things that are praiseworthy, you experience feelings of joy. This is also why the Bible tells us to give thanks in all circumstances. It’s not that we are thankful FOR all circumstances, but we can give thanks IN all circumstances because we have much to be grateful for, even in the midst of suffering.

Whenever I’m tempted to have a pity party, I always start with thanking God for what’s in my bathroom because no matter how self-focused and miserable I am, I am ALWAYS grateful not to have to walk out into the cold to relieve myself in the woods without toilet paper or running water. I thank God for toilets, indoor plumbing, running water, hot showers, toilet paper, etc. As silly as it sounds, as I give thanks for the items in my bathroom, my feelings start to shift because I am replacing my “woe is me” thoughts with thoughts of gratitude, which plant the seeds of joy.

I will sometimes realize that I am feeling anxious, irritable, etc. and not understand why. However, if I backtrack to what I have been thinking about, I will find the root cause. I will realize that I have become lazy about holding every thought captive to Christ and have allowed the enemy to plant seeds of self-centeredness and discontent. Thankfully, I know the antidote – praying God’s words back to Him in gratitude for all He has done. As I change the way I think, I change the way I feel. It’s not easy, but it really is that simple.

[Graphic: Cartoon of Grace thinking about a thinking emoticon. Courtesy Bitmoji.]


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