The Graciousness of Uncertainty

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A repeated theme in my life of late is ambiguity. I’m seeing this in every area of my life – at work, church, and home. Each of these areas of ambiguity involve other people: I am part of a group facing an obstacle that seems insurmountable, and people in the group are having various reactions to that ambiguity. As I hear people complaining about the obstacles, I’m tempted to join in because complaining is my native tongue. Until God transformed me, if my lips were moving, I was complaining about something. So, not only refusing to complain when I face ambiguity but also resisting the urge to do so when invited in by others in the affected group is a real temptation for me.

Whenever I take personality assessments, one of my lowest scores is for adapting to change. I am a recovering control freak, and the last thing a control freak wants to deal with is change. So, Janet Brooks’ advice in her book Enjoy!: More than Surviving Life’s Transitions to embrace the changes is not easy for me. However, her advice is solid, which I have learned through many a “field trip” with God.

As I was reading through the chapter on embracing the changes that life throws our way, I was drawn to the phrase “the graciousness of uncertainty,” which Brooks advises us to embrace. A few years ago, I would have looked at you like you had two heads if you used that phrase with me. However, today it resonates deeply because I have learned through experience that seasons of uncertainty are really God’s gracious invitations to enter into a deeper relationship with Him. After all, how can we learn how trustworthy He is if He does not provide us with seasons in which our only source of stability is in Him?

I know that seems counter-intuitive, such as the answer to a prayer for patience being multiple experiences of having to wait. But if you never have to wait, how can you possibly learn patience? That incompetent sales clerk is actually God’s grace in disguise, providing you with the opportunity you need to develop patience. The same holds true for learning how to trust God. This is only leaned in the graciousness of uncertainty, where there’s nothing to stand on other than Him.

To be continued…

[Graphic: Cartoon of Grace falling. Courtesy Bitmoji.]