Enjoy by Janet Brooks

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Janet Brooks, author of the book, Enjoy!: More than Surviving Life’s Transitions. She’s the real deal, folks. She has an amazing testimony, some of which is included in her book. I have only read the introduction and first chapter, and I’m already blown away by the wisdom in this book, written by a woman of God who has lived the walk.

The title of the book, ENJOY, is an acronym for…

  • Embrace the changes
  • Note the goodness of God
  • Jump over the waves
  • Offer sacrifices of praise often
  • You will have joy!

Each chapter covers one of these elements.

I was only a few pages into the chapter on embracing the changes when I knew I needed to blog on the topic. I always pray over what God would like me to write about on this blog, and His leading was toward waiting on Him in the ambiguity. This chapter addressed that topic nicely. I’d like to share some of the gems I learned from reading this chapter and will build upon them to share what God has placed on my heart.

You may find it amusing to read Brooks’ acrostic for how her human nature is tempted to live out her life, which I can definitely relate to:

  • Eat anything that makes you feel good
  • Notice how you’ve been wronged
  • Jump on the person who wronged you or anyone in your path
  • Offer a list of complaints to those around you
  • You will be miserable

Can anyone else relate? Or does this just describe Brooks and me? This is definitely my natural tendency whenever I face transitions and ambiguity in life, but God has shown me a better way, which I (and Brooks!) would like to share with you.

Life is filled with transitions, ambiguity, and change. There’s no getting around that. We get to choose our reaction to those transitions. Will we follow the ways of the world and complain our way through those times? Or will we learn how to walk as Jesus did and glorify God as we learn to deepen our trust in Him? The choice is ours.

To be continued…

[Graphic: Cover of Enjoy!: More than Surviving Life’s Transitions. Courtesy Amazon.]


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