Members of One Body Working Together in Unity

walkingContinued from here.

Sadly, many Christians do not understand that we need one another to function as a healthy Body of Christ. I cannot remember where I read this analogy, but it’s not original to me. Think about someone walking along a train track. If you only pay attention to what the eyes see, then everything looks great – no train in sight. However, the ears hear the train whistle while the feet sense the vibration of the train as it approaches from behind. Without other parts of the Body providing their perspective, the eyes are in jeopardy of being destroyed. The entire Body must work together in unity to have a full sense of where the Head is leading. I make up only one small part of the Body of Christ, and I do not have the full perspective of where the Head is leading. I need input from the other parts of the Body to know this.

What I do know is that the Head always leads the Body in one direction, never in multiple directions at the same time. When I choose to walk from Point A to Point B, I never tell my left foot to go one direction and the right foot to go another. As my head selects the destination, both feet work together in unity with my legs to take me where my head wants to go.

The same is the true of the Body of Christ. If you have a group of Christians – whether in a small Sunday School class or in a megachurch – who are supposedly hearing contrary messages from God, then the Body is not following the Head. Satan loves to stir up disunity among the Body of Christ because he knows we aren’t going to get very far if we are spending our time bickering about where God is leading. Dissension within the Body should drive us to our knees, and we should stay put until the Body receives a unified message from God about where He is leading us.

To be continued…

[Graphic: Cartoon of Grace smiling and walking. Courtesy Bitmoji.]


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