Go Out and Do Something Small

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One of my favorite lines from Josh Wilson’s song, Dream Small, is…

Add up the small things and watch them grow bigger. The God who does all things makes oceans from rivers.”

Each small act of kindness matters, and it has a ripple effect that changes the world. Nothing is too small to matter. Wilson’s song includes several examples of small things that change the world:

  • Singing songs about God to a child
  • Spending time with your family
  • Pastoring a tiny church
  • Visiting a widow
  • Dancing with someone with special needs

Note what all of these examples have in common – they involve investing in PEOPLE. Each example involves seeing someone else’s needs and doing SOMETHING – no matter how small – to meet that need.

One of the greatest losses in our culture is the gift of time. We live at a frenetic pace (me included) that leaves little room to invest in spending time with other people. We have replaced quality one-on-one time with social media and try to convince ourselves that having 1,000 friends on Facebook means we are loved. Nothing can replace the gift of your time – of sitting down with someone, making eye contact, and listening to whatever is on their hearts. That’s one reason I am such a strong proponent of small group ministry. Meeting together weekly, even for one hour, and LISTENING to one another meets people’s needs for love and support in a way that social media cannot.

I encourage you not to let this topic be something you read and agree with but do nothing about. Instead, start praying for God to change your heart and open your eyes to the needs around you. Ask Him to show you who you can bless today, and when you feel his tugging, follow His lead. No act is too small. Even a simple smile might be the connection someone needs to build hope and not give in to the siren song of suicide. You never know what small act of kindness can profoundly change someone’s life and, by extension, the world.

[Graphic: Cartoon of Grace cheering you on against the backdrop of the words “DO IT” written repeatedly. Courtesy Bitmoji.]