Shifting Your Focus Outward instead of Inward

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As I mentioned when I launched this topic, the other end of the spectrum that keeps many Christians from “dreaming small” is spiritual immaturity, and I was the queen of this role. Many people believed that I was spiritually mature because I had read the Bible cover-to-cover twice, had memorized many Bible verses, and was extremely knowledgeable about what the Bible said. However, I wasn’t DOING most of what the Bible says to do, which is a telltale sign of spiritual immaturity. Jesus said a tree is known by its fruit, and my “tree” was filled with bitterness, worry, and self-pity. I was far too self-absorbed to notice the needs of the people around me.

If you are a spiritually-mature Christian, then the world around you should be changing in positive ways. It’s not about what you say or do – it’s about who you are. As you transform into the image of Christ, you notice things that you didn’t notice before, and you are drawn toward extending love and grace toward others out of the overflow of the love and grace that God has blessed you with. So, “dreaming small” happens organically out the overflow of your relationship with God.

On her television show Enjoying Everyday Life, Joyce Meyer advises Christians to pray for God to show them who they can bless today. Another prayer I like is for God to change my heart to align with His. I am so naturally selfish, as we all are, and I know that without God’s intervention, I will never make an unselfish decision. I am incapable of thinking about anyone else’s comfort other than my own in my natural self. However, as God has transformed my heart through extending me love and grace, He has empowered me to stop making myself the central focus of my life and, instead, look for ways to be a blessing to others. After all, we are blessed to be a blessing (Gen. 12:2).

To be continued…

[Graphic: Cartoon of Grace smiling and leaning against a giant peach. Courtesy Bitmoji.]