Comparing our Relationships with God

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In his book, Experiencing God: Knowing and Doing the Will of God Henry Blackaby, along with Richard Blackaby and Claude King, points out that each Christian’s relationship with God is unique. Thus, the way God speaks to me is going to differ from the way He speaks to you. He pointed out that there’s only one burning bush story, only one story of God talking through a donkey, only one wrestling with God story, etc. in the Bible. This is because each of us encounters God in a unique way as we each have a unique relationship with Him.

People sometimes say to me that they wish they had a relationship with God like I do. I always reply that He’s the same God and is just as available to them as He is to me. If people want to compare themselves with me, don’t compare the outcome – compare the spiritual disciplines with the intention of engaging in them as I do … not in HOW I do them but THAT I do them.

As an example, I set aside the first hour of each day for quiet time with God. A friend sets aside the last hour of her day for similar quiet time. She’s not a morning person, and she sleeps better by spending time with God at night. It’s like God “tucks her in” at the end of her day. There’s no need to compare my mornings with her evenings or even what we do during that quiet time. What matters is that we are both engaging in the spiritual discipline of prioritizing time with God.

If we must compare, let’s compare only enough to spur one another on to engage in the spiritual disciplines of prayer, prioritizing time with God, studying the Bible, giving, church attendance and service, praise & worship, and other practices that help us develop a deeper relationship with God. But let’s not compare HOW we do them. God may be calling me to study the Psalms while He is leading you to study Revelation. In both cases, we are engaging in the spiritual discipline of studying God’s Word, which is deepening our relationship with God. God doesn’t want us to be clones – His purposes and plans for you are not the same as His purposes and plans for me, but both are good.

To be continued…

[Graphic: Cover of Experiencing God: Knowing and Doing the Will of God. Courtesy Amazon. ]