Miracles Don’t have to be Uncommon

magnifying_glassContinued from here.

Some Christian songs make mention of miracles being rare, but I disagree. I have experienced many miracles in my life, three of which I have written about throughout this blog series: healing from an eating disorder, emotional pain from childhood abuse, and marital strife. There’s nothing special about me that invited in these miracles. They came about as I chose to obey God and live my life as He commands. I had to choose to turn to God for comfort instead of food (no idolatry), forgive my childhood abusers, and humble myself in my marriage. As I walked in obedience in these difficult areas, God transformed me closer to the image of Christ, which invited these slow miracles into my life. This can be your story as well.

Whatever you are facing in your life, God is bigger. Study your Bible and find out what God has to say about your situation. Then, do what God commands you to do, even if it is really, really hard. If you will make the choice to start living your life God’s way in a particular area, God will enable you to do it, which will usher in the miracle you have been seeking. Miracles are not infrequent events reserved for particularly special people. The Bible is a handbook showing you how to tap into God’s power and experience His miraculous power in your life, not because you are special or because you deserve it – it’s grace.

I challenge you to try this in the most “impossible” area of your life. If you simply cannot get over the pain of a betrayal, commit to praying for that person every day and repeatedly ask God to help you forgive him or her. If your marriage is dead, work through Alex Kendrick’s and Stephen Kendricks’ The Love Dare and learn how to humble yourself in your marriage. If finances are your challenge, start tithing 10% of your income to your local church and see what happens. Bring God the driest desert in your life and start doing things God’s way. The miracle may be slow, but it will come if you will live your life in that area as God commands you to live it. GOD’S WAY ACTUALLY WORKS!

[Graphic: Cartoon of Grace peering through a magnifying glass. Courtesy Bitmoji.]


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