Value of a Slow Miracle

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Today, I am freed from the bondage of binge eating disorder. That’s not to say that I am no longer vulnerable to its siren song. However, I have learned through the process of being healed through a slow miracle not to heed its call. I am no longer deceived into believing that food can “stuff down” my pain. When I am in pain, I turn to God for comfort, not food. When I do slip and turn to food for comfort, I stop long before it turns into a binge and repent of my idolatry.

God could have healed my eating disorder instantly. He is powerful enough to do it. However, if He had done so, I would have missed out on other blessings. For example, as the woman I shared about earlier in the week had to depend upon God to help her stay sober, I learned moment-by-moment dependency upon God for overcoming my eating disorder. Dependency upon God is the secret to tapping into His strength. A quick miracle would have cheated me of a lesson that can only be learned over time. I am just as free today from the eating disorder as I would have been if God had healed me instantly 20 years ago. By performing the miracle slowly, God gave me so much more than deliverance.

Another blessing is that being healed by a slow miracle is more easily transferable to other difficult or impossible situations. Being enslaved to an eating disorder was far from my only problem. If God had healed that instantly, I either would have needed Him to heal everything else instantly, or I would have had to learn the same lessons in a different area of my life. As an example, God healed my marriage slowly as I repeatedly chose to obey Him, just as he healed the eating disorder slowly as I repeatedly chose to seek comfort from Him instead of from food. I have developed perseverance because I have experienced God’s faithfulness. I have a situation in my life that God is healing even more slowly than the eating disorder, and I can only see progress by comparing today to where I was years ago. My experience with that slow miracle keeps me hopeful enough to persevere in this current slow miracle of healing.

To be continued…

[Graphic: Cartoon of Grace with fairy wings and a wand saying, “I believe in you.” Courtesy Bitmoji.]