Quick versus Slow Miracles

snailContinued from here.

In my last blog entry, I shared a quote from the movie Faith Like Potatoes about difficulty being the condition required for a miracle and impossibility being necessary for a great miracle. Life sends us plenty of difficulties, so all of us have the conditions needed to experience a miracle. The problem is that we let go of our hope before the miracle happens. We want deliverance NOW, and when that deliverance does not happen in our timetable, we assume it isn’t coming.

In one of her Bible studies (I can’t remember which one), Beth Moore shared about a woman who was addicted to both cigarettes and alcohol. God performed a quick miracle to deliver her from the cigarettes. One day she was addicted to cigarettes, and the next, she was completely delivered – hasn’t smoked a cigarette in X # of years. That’s the type of miracle that people want – deliverance NOW! People see this happen in someone’s life and believe that God truly is powerful.

However, God did not perform a quick miracle to deliver this woman from alcoholism. She continued to crave alcohol and had to work hard with God to overcome it. She had to lean on God and rely on His strength, moment by moment, to fight the pull of her addiction. After X # of years, this woman has neither smoked a cigarette nor drank a drop of alcohol. Which was the miracle? Both were! She has been equally free from both addictions for X # of years, but because her freedom from cigarettes required no effort on her part while her freedom from alcohol has required enormous effort, people tend to view the one as a miracle but not the other. I disagree. Sometimes God’s miracles are slow and require much effort on our part. However, this does not make them any less miraculous. In fact, I believe that the slow miracle is the greater gift. I’ll share why in my next blog entry.

To be continued…

[Graphic: Cartoon of Grace crawling in a snail’s shell. Courtesy Bitmoji.]