Final Thoughts on Perseverance

graduationContinued from here.

If you have been pressing on through a season in your life with much struggle and resistance, know that you are not alone. You are in a season of developing spiritual maturity. While God loves all of His children, He can only do so much for His kingdom with spiritually immature Christians who are mostly focused on their own needs and experiences. As you persevere through the trials, you are developing character. In other words, you are growing up spiritually, which will equip you do to more things to further God’s kingdom agenda. God needs mature Christians to partner with Him in reaching the world, and this challenging season is helping you mature so that you can become one of those partners.

God is preparing you for something big for His kingdom, even if it might not look big from a worldly perspective. Once God can trust you with whatever He is leading you through now, He will be able to trust you with so much more. So, while you might not see the value of where God has placed you in this season (just as I, as of yet, do not understand why I have had to spend a year of my life earning a theology degree), if you will prove faithful in this, God will know you will be faithful in much greater tasks in the future.

Like everyone else, I prefer ease to struggle and comfort to pain. However, as a slave of Christ, I am no longer in charge of how I spend my time. My time belongs to God, and if he tells his servant to invest that time in a degree I don’t want, I’m doing to do it – not because I see the value in the degree but because I see the value in obeying God. It’s not about me – It’s about Him. And that’s how I have stayed motivated over the last 10 months and will continue to stay motivated for 13 more weeks – I’m doing it all for Him.

[Graphic: Cartoon of Grace smiling in a graduation gown while throwing her graduation cap. Courtesy Bitmoji.]]


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