Why Does God Allow Spiritual Warfare?

joyce_meyer_rokuContinued from here.

As I stated, I did not handle this onslaught of spiritual attacks as well as I would have liked and even “forgot” about one of the most effective ways I previously learned how to deal with these types of situations. I was very much tempted to ask God, “Why?” However, I made a life decision to stop asking God why, so I went back and forth with asking, “Why, God? Sorry, I’m not going to ask why, but it would be really nice for you to intervene here. What do you want me to do?”

In the midst of this, I sensed God reassuring me that He would send reinforcements, and I didn’t know what He meant by that until the next day, when I accessed the Joyce Meyer channel on my Roku and saw that two of her current episodes were called “Tests We Encounter on the Way to Promotion.” God had recently revealed to me that a promotion is coming and that I need to start adjusting my life to prepare for this new direction. I had not connected the two – that I was experiencing this barrage of spiritual attack as a direct result of this upcoming promotion.

If you have access to the Joyce Meyer Ministries channel on Roku, I recommend watching both of those episodes, particularly if you are dealing with lots of spiritual attack like I am. This sermon (aired in two parts) really helped me make sense of what’s been going on with me. After all, why would God put me in a position to lead a ministry and then allow one thing after another to stand in the way of doing what He has specifically called me to do? This sermon helped me recognize what’s going on and how to react to it.

Meyer pointed out that just as we test out a chair by sitting in it or a mattress by lying on it before purchasing it, God tests us out before promoting us. He needs to see whether we will do what we say we will do when placed under pressure. So, God allowed the enemy to erect multiple barriers to doing what God called me to do specifically to test my reaction. Would I trust that God is in control and hold onto my joy and peace, despite the barriers? Or would I give up? Thankfully, I came closer to the first option than the second, but I certainly did not handle it perfectly. In other words, I didn’t get an A, but I hope it was a B. If it was only a D-, then another test might be coming as God prepares me for promotion.

To be continued…

[Graphic: Screenshot of Joyce Meyer Ministries Roku channel. Courtesy Roku.]


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