Response to Spiritual Warfare

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The best way I have found to deal with the raining of flaming arrows is to pray this to God: “Thank you for this opportunity to trust you more.” This is a lesson I learned from Sarah Young’s Jesus Calling: Enjoying Peace in His Presence. The Bible tells us to give thanks in all circumstances. Note that it does not say to feel thankful: I certainly did not feel thankful as one electronic device after another was blowing up around me. An effective way to give thanks when we are feeling quite unthankful is to follow Young’s advice by thanking God’s for this opportunity to trust Him more.

I wish I had remembered to do this last week, but I didn’t. Alas! I have done this in the past with much success. It’s not that thanking God in the midst of the flaming arrows puts those arrows out, but it shifts your perspective from your problems to the God who is bigger than your problems. I have now written “Thank you for this opportunity to trust You more” on a whiteboard by my desk to help me remember what to do the next time flaming arrows are raining down on me.

What I did was not quite as effective because I was not reacting with thanksgiving, but I did go to God in prayer. Here was my prayer:

God, you love this ministry more than I do, and you love the people this ministry serves more than I do. You know that I cannot serve these people without working equipment, so I need You to intervene. Please move at least some of these mountains so I can do what You have called me to do.”

God led me to a solution that fixed the work printer, and the ministry came out ahead with two free ink cartridges. Unplugging the work computer seemed to correct that problem (after the weird sounds ran their course). I ordered a new personal computer – I’ve been having issues with this one for a while now, and because I am a full-time student in divinity school, I was able to order one at a discounted rate. I was unable to do an even-exchange for the personal equipment that did not work, but the saleslady led me to a less expensive model that met my needs, saving me over $60. So, God ultimately worked it all for good.

To be continued…

[Graphic: Cover of Jesus Calling: Enjoying Peace in His Presence. Courtesy Amazon.]