Spiritual Warfare and Christian Leadership

toucheContinued from here.

One of the most challenging aspects of Christian leadership for me is dealing with spiritual attack. I have learned that the more ground I gain for the Kingdom of God as a leader, the more spiritual attack I can expect. Some spiritual attack is more annoying than anything else, such as when my The Armor of God Summer Bible study at my church experienced a wide variety of technical difficulties whenever we tried to air the video for that session. Other spiritual attacks, however, come at a much larger scale.

The spiritual attacks I find most challenging are those aimed at the ones I love. I expected to get slammed personally when I accepted a position as the executive director of a statewide Christian ministry. However, I did not expect the lives of my family and friends to blow up. It’s one thing to endure my own pain to follow God. It takes a deeper level of trust to continue leading in obedience to God as you watch those you love experiencing spiritual attack because of your own choices, especially when those under attack do not have as deep a relationship with God, leaving them much more vulnerable.

As your relationship with God deepens and you are placed into larger areas of leadership responsibility, I encourage you to build a strong prayer base. Recruit people to be prayer warriors on behalf of you, your loved ones, and your ministry (whether it is big or small) so all you do is saturated in prayer. Being covered in prayer provides a safety net when the enemy’s attacks knock you off your feet.

Most importantly, count the cost of following Jesus and decide once and for all whether the cost is worth it to you. This was the advice that Jesus gave. Once you decide that a relationship with God is worth the cost, never again question your commitment, no matter how many times the enemy slams you down. I have learned firsthand that a close, deep, personal, and intimate relationship with God is worth any cost, which is why I am willing to walk into the pain of others. He is worth it.

[Graphic: Cartoon of Grace being touched by a fencing sword and saying, “Touche.” Courtesy Bitmoji.]