We Value What We Work For

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Now, I do have the spiritual gift of administration, so organization comes easily to me. The Bible assures us that each Christian has been given at least one spiritual gift, so definitely enjoy the area or areas in which you get to do something effortlessly thanks to the Holy Spirit. But note how easy it can be to take that gift for granted. You don’t have to put any effort into that area, so it can be easy to become baffled why it’s a challenge for other people.

In contrast, any area for which you must work, which is going to be most areas, becomes an area that drives you repeatedly into God’s arms—or to connect back to the Vine —because you will otherwise fail. This grows your relationship with God and takes much effort—much repeated focus at you step out in obedience over and over again. As you progress in that area of your life, you have much to celebrate, and that progress has much value because you know all you sacrificed to achieve it.

As an example, I used to be a very stingy person and truly did not believe anyone ever tithed. Today, not only do I tithe, but I give generously above the tithe, and I actually feel really good about it. This did not happen overnight – it was a slow process that cost me a lot of pride. I began tithing solely out of obedience, and I begrudged every penny. I was certainly not a cheerful giver in any respect. Today, God will place on my heart to give a large sum to help someone in need, and I feel joyful about the opportunity to serve God in that way as well as to bless the other person. There’s no internal wrestling over this. All I have belongs to God, and it’s available for Him to distribute in any way He pleases. I know how much effort it took to get me from my starting point to where I am today, and I deeply value the freedom God has given me as I have removed money as an idol in my life. I value that my security comes from God, not from the amount of money I have in the bank.

To be continued…

[Graphic: Cartoon of Grace throwing money in the air. Courtesy Bitmoji.]

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