Choosing to Behave as a Child of God Regardless of what Society Does

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I hope you have found this series helpful and are determined to live like a child of God during this busy season rather than blend in with the World. We cannot allow society to drive our choices. We don’t have to participate in rampant consumerism and cheapen the celebration of Jesus’ birth to an occasion to sell merchandise. We can choose to focus on the amazing blessing of Jesus coming to earth to reconcile us to God. Don’t allow the pressures and busyness of the Christmas season to take your focus off your relationship with God.

Remembering the sacrifice Jesus made should draw us closer to God, not place a wedge between Him and us as we race through this season to get everything done. The best gift you can give Jesus in gratitude for his coming is to spend more time with him because that was the point of Jesus coming to earth – to reconcile us to God so we could be in relationship with Him. Thanks to Jesus, we can now approach God with freedom and confidence, something that was not possible before Jesus’ sacrifice. Let’s not cheapen this amazing gift by placing our focus on commercialism and racing around. Instead, let’s spend even more time in intimate fellowship with God, enjoying the amazing gift of being able to enter His presence, thanks to Jesus coming to earth.

It all comes down to choice. Each of us chooses how we spend our time. What a travesty to choose doing things allegedly for God without actually spending any time with God. If we really want to show our gratitude for Jesus’ birth, we can do this best by setting aside daily time for close, intimate fellowship God. That was the point of Jesus coming in the first place.

[Graphic: Cartoon of Grace smiling and throwing up her hands behind an infinity sign that says, “I love you x Infinity +1.”  Courtesy Bitmoji.]