Forgiveness Invites God to Avenge

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If I had not loved my enemies by praying for those who persecuted me, I do not believe that any of what followed would have taken place. Note that God did not intervene instantly – my being honored while my enemies were removed happened four months later for one and six months later for the other. I believe God first waited to see what I would do and that He did not begin avenging me until after I forgiven my enemies. After I obeyed Him by forgiving my enemies and moving on with my life, God stepped in and avenged me.

God placed the following message heavily on my heart: “You might have forgotten about what your enemies did to you, but I did not. I take it very personally when someone goes after my child. I am the God who avenges you.” I wept in gratitude as I learned at a much deeper level how deeply God cares for me.

Because God avenged me before, I trust that He will avenge me again. I find it easier to pray for those who wrong me and choose not to dwell on their actions because I know that God will bring about justice in His timing. The sooner I do my part, the sooner He will be free to do his. God does not instruct me to forgive to let people “off the hook.” Instead, he instructs me to forgive both to free me from pain and to lay the groundwork for Him to intervene in justice. He is the God who avenges.

I hope that hearing my testimony will help you trust that God will avenge you and bring about justice in your life, but you must do your part first. Pray for your enemies, and bless those who persecute you. God has the power to avenge you in ways you never imagined. God truly is a God of justice, and He takes it very personally when someone tries to harm you. Do what God tells you to do, and then wait in hopeful expectation for God to avenge you.

[Graphic: Cartoon of Grace cheering and saying, “Aww Yeahh!” Courtesy Bitmoji.]