Overcoming Despair: Doing Your Part

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While God is perfectly capable of healing your deepest pain, He isn’t going to do His part until you do yours. You cannot passively pray for God to wave a magic wand and heal your emotional pain while you make no changes whatsoever. As I shared in my last blog entry, holding your thoughts captive to Christ is a critical part of this. In addition, you need to do whatever God commands in the Bible to invite God’s healing in.

The first step is to pray. Pour out your pain to God, just as David did throughout the Psalms. Be 100% honest with God about how you are feeling: He already knows! The point isn’t to get God up to speed. God knows that you need an outlet for pouring out your emotional pain, and prayer is the best way to do it. Pouring out the poison leaves room in your soul to invite the healing in.

Ask God to show you what you need to do to make changes in your life so God will then do His part to heal you. For a large number of people, including myself, the obstacle is unforgiveness. People (including me in the past) want God to magically heal their emotional pain, but they are unwilling to do their part by forgiving those who have wronged them.

Here’s the secret: forgiveness is the antibiotic that God uses to heal your emotional pain. Like an antibiotic, this is not an instant fix. In fact, the pain might get worse when you first start focusing on forgiving the person who wronged you. However, as you take your ”antibiotics” daily by praying for the person who wronged you and replace your bitter thoughts with thanksgiving for the many ways God has blessed you, God will gradually heal the pain. In my case, my well of bitterness ran so deep that I had to do this day after day, week after week, and month after month for over a year

Whatever God tells you to do in the Bible, you need to do, even if it makes no logical sense. Don’t worry about how you feel: your feelings will eventually align with your choices. The greater the sacrifice to obey God, the greater the blessing you will eventually receive. Trust that God knows what He is doing. Do your part, and then He will do His.

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[Graphic: Cartoon of Grace with angel’s wings and a halo, saying, “I forgive you.” Courtesy Bitmoji.]


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