Body Image Issues

upside_downIf you have been walking with God for a while, you have likely already noticed that God gets into your business. A relationship with God is not just about your spirituality, although that is certainly an important part of it. God is not only interested in spending eternity with you: He also wants to make you victorious in every area of your life on this earth.

One of my areas of defeat for decades was my body image. I hated my body. The cause of that hatred was the child abuse I suffered, particularly the rapes. While the physical act of rape only lasted for a brief period of time, the emotional fallout of the rapes left deep emotional wounds that plagued me for decades. Because my body was the door providing access to my deeply wounded soul and psyche, I rejected my body.

Just as my deep emotional wounds were inflicted through my body, temporary relief also came through my body in the form of an eating disorder. Whenever I binged on large quantities of particular foods, such as a bag of chips or a half-gallon of ice cream, the physical act of “stuffing down” food resulted in temporary emotional numbing as I “stuffed down” the pain.

Of course, when you overeat by thousands of calories, you are going gain weight … a lot of weight. The world is not kind to fat teenagers, so I was ashamed of my overweight body and would diet by restricting calories rather than by developing healthy eating patterns and eating healthy foods. I would lose weight, but then the emotional pain would become so intense that I would binge eat again … and then binge eat again to “stuff down” the shame of having no willpower … and this cycle continued for decades, fueling my hatred of my body.

Considering we were made in God’s image, God does not want us hating our bodies as I did. Our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, and we dishonor God when we hate them. However, simply knowing this won’t make you magically love your body, so I’d like to share my own journey in the hopes of leading anyone with body image issues to freedom in this area. Because God healed me, I know He can heal you as well!

I previously wrote a series on eating disorders, which can be helpful for other types of addictions. However, this series focuses specifically on body image, which is an issue for many people (particularly women) even without an eating disorder.

Continued here.

[Graphic: Cartoon of Grace flipping upside down. Courtesy Bitmoji.]

2 thoughts on “Body Image Issues

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