Victory over Eating Disorder

god_is_biggerContinued from here.

I cannot identify the moment in which God healed my binge eating disorder. This healing was a “slow miracle.” The process was so gradual that I did not recognize all of the healing work that God was doing inside of me. One day, it hit me that I could not remember the last time I had binged on food, and I was shocked! After being enslaved to food just about daily for decades, I didn’t even recognize freedom when it came.

Being freed from the idolatry of an eating disorder was only the beginning. I still had to learn about food’s intended nature – to nurture my body, which is God’s temple. I had to learn how to choose food based upon what nourishes my body rather than on what tastes good. Over time, my tastes have changed so that I would truly rather snack on cashews than on a bag of Dorito’s. I no longer feel deprived by not eating junk food. I love my body and want to care for it as God’s temple, and that requires fruits and vegetables rather than chips and chocolate.

For decades, I had a love/hate relationship with food. Today, it’s just food. I need it to nourish my body, but I can also delay eating it to fast. Food has lost its power over me. This is all to the glory of God.

I know how hard I pushed the mountain of a food addiction, and that mountain would not budge. After inviting God in to heal me and free my from my prison, I experienced the miracle of this mountain being moved. I know none of this happened by my own strength. I was powerless to move it.

God is bigger than your addiction. Whether your addiction is food like mine was or something else – alcohol, drugs, pornography, compulsive busyness, overspending, workaholism, or anything else that has mastery over you, God is bigger. Invite Him into your brokenness, and He will heal you as you work in partnership with him to remove the idol from the throne of your heart and put God in His rightful place. If God could do it for me, then He can do it for you!

[Graphic: Photograph of a wooden plaque that says, “God is bigger.” Courtesy Grace Daniels.]


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