Change in Perspective: Seeing My Life through the Lens of Eternity

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Tony Evans has been preaching a sermon series on living in the light of eternity. Put another way, he’s encouraging people to apply a heavenly perspective to our earthly lives. I listened to some of his sermons in this series before leaving for Europe, and I have been considering how my life might change if I were to choose to view my life from the perspective of eternity versus the temporal.

This reminded me of a wonderful book by Karen Kingsbury called A Time to Dance. John and Abby Reynolds are planning to divorce but put their plans on hold until their daughter’s wedding. Their son writes a report on eagles, which John reads, and God uses the metaphor of the eagle to help John see his marriage from a different perspective.

The information about how eagles deal with storms resonated deeply with me. Eagles don’t try to fight storms. Instead, they fly above them. I have been trying to find my peace in the middle of the storm by looking for the eye of the hurricane, but that’s not what eagles do – they rise above the storms. They don’t try to fight their way through the storm, aim for the eye of the storm, or pretend that a storm is not happening. Instead, they allow the winds of the storm to lift them higher … closer to God … and they view the storm from a perspective above it.

How might my own actions and reactions in the midst of life’s storms change if I followed the eagle’s example? If I viewed each storm of life as temporary but found my peace in the eternal — high above the storms of life — might I find peace despite the intensity going on below? Might rest be waiting for me on the six days outside of my Sabbath if I choose to shift my perspective from the temporal to the eternal?

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[Graphic: Photograph of Grace in Zurich, Switzerland. Courtesy Grace Daniels.]


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