Perseverance: Where is God?

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As I discussed in my last blog entry, choosing to stay with God in the trials is tough, but it’s a prerequisite to the maturity process. If you run away from God or reject Him every time you face a trial, you aren’t going to make much progress in developing perseverance.

One of my greatest impediments to choosing to stay with God in the trials was my history. I received Jesus as my Savior at age 8, but the child abuse did not stop then. In fact, it got even worse through ages 9 and 10 as my child abusers sought to break my will. (We moved away soon after my 11th birthday.)

I wrestled with where God was during the child abuse. I could understand Him not intervening before I became a Christian but not after. Why would He allow such sadistic abuse of His own child to persist for over two more years? Several of my most traumatizing experiences happened during this time. Where was God during all of this?

After much prayer and introspection, I found myself needing to make a choice: Would I believe God’s Word over my own experiences? God’s Word says that He will never leave me or forsake me. If I believe that God is telling the truth, then I must accept that He was right there beside me as I was being tormented by my childhood abusers.

Why would God be right there beside me and not intervene? I found my answer in a couple of places in the Bible. Jesus said,

In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” ~ John 16:33

Contrary to what I wanted to believe – that being a Christian would insulate me from pain, Jesus guaranteed that I would have trouble in this world. Note that he doesn’t say that we “may” have trouble. No, he says we “will,” which means that trouble is going to come our way. However, we can be encouraged because Jesus has overcome all of the trouble that the world can bring us.

I’ll discuss the second helpful passage in my next blog entry.

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[Graphic: Cartoon of Grace looking through a telescope inside the words, “Where are You?” Courtesy Bitmoji.]