Digesting God’s Word: “We Will”

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In my last blog entry, we learned that the blessing for doing good isn’t going to come instantly. Today, we will focus on the promise contained in two little words: “we will.”

Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” ~ Galatians 6:9

It can be tempting to breeze right by “we will,” but there’s a lot packed into those two little words. First, let’s address the “we.” Who is “we?” It’s Christians who are “doing good” and are vulnerable to becoming weary as they are waiting for the blessing to come. If you are a Christian who is choosing to make decisions in alignment with how God tells you to live your life, then this verse applies to you.

Now let’s turn our focus to the word “will.” This is a promise from God, and God does not lie. When God says that something will happen, then nothing in heaven, on earth, or under the earth is going to be able to prevent it from happening. It’s a done deal. You might not see it with your eyes yet, but you can rest assured that whatever God has willed IS on its way.

One of my most powerful “God moments” happened when I was praying for a friend who had tithed her entire first paycheck in obedience to God – with fear and trembling because her family really needed this money. As I was praying for her, it was like the sky opened up. Everything around me became very bright, and I felt God’s words more heavily in my spirit than I had ever experienced God’s “voice” before or since:

I have promised to bless those who tithe. I would have to cease to be God for this not to come to pass.”

Think about it: God cannot lie, so He would have to cease to be God for one of His promises not to come to pass. As we discussed in the last blog entry, the manifestation of that promise will come “at the proper time,” which might take a while (even a long while) from a human perspective. However, it will come, or God will cease to be God, which, of course, could never happen.

We live in a society in which people don’t honor promises, but God is not “people.” What He promises will come to pass. So, you can rest assured that if you are doing good, what God promises in this verse will happen.

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[Graphic: Cartoon of the front page of the newspaper with a photo of Grace giving the thumbs up under the words, “Good news.” Courtesy Bitmoji.]

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