Notes to Myself for the Next Time I am Sick

cheer_upContinued from here.

In my last blog entry, I shared that I keep a journal (as recommended by Priscilla Shirer) in which I write down helpful tips for keeping the faith. Here’s what I added to help me the next time I am sick and having trouble standing my ground in my faith:


Satan knows this is your Achilles’ heel. He is powerful but has no authority over you. He will try to deceive you that you cannot access God’s joy because you are sick – cannot sing praise & worship or go to church or Bible study. THIS IS A LIE!

God is inside you, and He IS joy, so you have access to unlimited joy at all times, even when you are sick.

Humble yourself. Satan will tempt you to grow larger – to become full of yourself because you feel sick. GROW SMALLER. The Kingdom of Heaven is within you. Grow smaller to access joy, peace, and contentment, even when you are sick.

Fight back: It is written…

  • Greater is the one who is in me than he that is in the world. ~ I John 4:4
  • No weapon forged against me will prevail. ~ Is. 54:17
  • In this world, I will have trouble. But take heart! Jesus has overcome the world. ~ John 16:33

This is a test! You are being tested in preparation for being promoted.


Satan is lying to you. DO NOT BE DECEIVED. He has no power over you. The grave is empty. He is a defeated foe.

This season is temporary and WILL END. God is with you. Satan has no power over you. The grave is EMPTY! Big tests come before big promotions. You are surrounded by songs of deliverance.

The next time I am sick, I will read the notes I wrote to myself so I will remember how to fight back. And then, perhaps the juice that comes out of the squeezed fruit will be sweeter.

[Graphic: Cartoon of Grace on a sticky note with the words, “Cheer up” and a smiley face. Courtesy Bitmoji.]


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