Being “Squeezed” by Your Achilles’ Heel

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I wish I could say things got better after Day 11, but they didn’t. Day 12 put me completely over the edge when my teenage son was diagnosed with the flu. I did not handle that information well.

On her TV show, Enjoying Everyday Life,  Joyce Meyer talks about how we don’t know what’s inside a fruit until it is squeezed. The fruit might look good from the outside, but it’s only when you squeeze it that you learn whether that fruit contains sweet or bitter juice. Let’s just say that the juice that came out of me on Day 12 was not sweet.

I don’t know why battling illness is such a trigger for me, only that it is. I am grateful that God understands why I react the way I do and is not perplexed by it. Perhaps you are like my son and go with the flow when you are physically ill. If so, you likely have something else – some other life event – that shakes you up and squeezes out juice that isn’t sweet. Regardless of what your Achilles’ heel is, you can rest assured that Satan knows what it is and will squeeze you at just the right time to get the worst possible reaction out of you. When that happens, here’s what you need to remember…

God already knows what’s going to come out of you when life squeezes you, and He loves you, anyhow. One reason He allows us to be squeezed is so we can become aware of areas in which we need work. He also allows these painful seasons to provide us with opportunities to grow. If I had not gone through that horrible day, I never would have known that God and I still had more work to do in that area.

One thing that helped me get back on track was reading my journal. In one of her Bible studies, Priscilla Shirer recommended writing down the things that God teaches you in a journal so you don’t have to keep “relearning” the same things. I have been doing this for over a year, and this offered me a lifeline when I thought I was going to lose my mind on Day 11. As I read through my journal, I remembered various ways to fight back and find my footing on God’s solid rock. Later, when I was in a calmer place, I added information to read the next time I am sick so I don’t have to start from scratch. I’ll share that information in tomorrow’s blog entry.

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[Graphic: Cartoon of Grace’s head on a pillow under the words, “I’m sick.” Courtesy Bitmoji.]