Promised Land Living: Holding Every Thought Captive to Christ

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Let’s take a closer look at what has changed in Grace as she becomes a disciple of Christ. The key is that she has put on the Helmet of Salvation. She no longer passively receives whatever garbage Satan is trying to push into her head. Instead, she filters every thought and rejects each one that stands in opposition to God’s Word.

To be able to do this, you must know God’s Word. That means you need study the Bible so you can learn what God’s perspective is on whatever you face in your life. His ways are higher than our ways and often don’t make logical sense. We must choose to believe the Bible over our past experiences, what “looks right,” or what other people tell us. Either we believe God or we don’t. If we believe God, then we will reject any thought that runs counter to His Word.

Once we know what God’s Word says, we must choose to reject any thoughts that oppose it. For example, when someone hurts me, my natural reaction is to think and say negative things about that person. However, Jesus told us to love our enemies and pray for those who persecute us. If I am passive, I will think negatively about those who hurt me, and that negativity will grow into bitterness. I must actively choose not to stew in my anger but, instead, pray for those who hurt me. As I pray for my enemies, I send the negative energy to the cross and only allow God’s positive energy to flow through me.

Because I am not allowing the negative energy to enter, I don’t digest it, so it does not make my soul sick. I then have less trouble behaving honorably toward my enemies because I have less negative energy trying to push its way out. While this process is not easy, it really is that simple.

This is the same way Jesus handled negative thoughts that Satan tried to push into him. In response to each unholy thought that Satan pushed, Jesus quoted Scripture. That’s how we need to react as well – by wielding the Sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God.

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[Graphic: Zoomed in to Grace in the graphic from the last blog entryCourtesy Bitmoji and Grace Daniels.]