Promised Land Living: Christian Discipleship

05_disciple_of_christContinued from here.

This graphic shows what it looks like when you become a disciple of Christ. Note how Grace is now smiling – discipleship makes us joyful!

What makes the difference? Grace has put on the Helmet of Salvation, which enables her to hold every thought captive to Christ. She no longer allows Satan to push unholy energy into her. Instead, she filters every thought that she allows into her head and rejects any thought that is contrary to God’s Word, sending it to the cross instead.

Let me give you an example. Grace has lost her job. She receives her severance check, and Satan tries to push unholy thoughts into her: “Don’t tithe out of that money. You need it to pay your bills. Who knows how long it will take to find another job? The job market is terrible. You need to be practical and save every penny until you have security.”

Because Grace is wearing the Helmet of Salvation, she rejects the unholy thoughts with God’s Word and refuses to allow the unholy energy to enter her soul: “God commands me to tithe and promises to bless me when I do. While my job was my provision, God is my provider, and He will provide for my needs in another way. I will obey God and not worry: I will cast my cares on God, and He will sustain me. I know that God has a purpose and plan for me that is good, and I will trust Him, no matter what I see.

As Grace holds every thought captive to Christ and rejects any thought that runs counter to God’s Word, only holy energy enters Grace. Instead of being filled with anxiety from the negative thoughts that Satan tried to push into her, she feels joyful and peaceful, even though her circumstances have not changed. Because primarily holy energy is flowing in, she finds it much easier to limit the unholy energy she pushes out onto others. So, even though she is in an extremely stressful situation, she is pleasant to be around.

God is glorified whenever we react differently from the World in stressful situations. As people see Grace in a stressful situation but filled with hope, joy, and peace, they see the glory of God shining out of her. Being at peace while unemployed makes no logical sense – it could only come from God. This is what it means to transform into Christlikeness and become a disciple of Jesus – to choose to believe God, no matter what you see.

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[Graphic: This graphic is the same as Growing in Christ but with a few notable exceptions. Grace has put on the Helmet of Salvation, so unholy energy is deflected to the cross. The Helmet of Salvation limits unholy thoughts pushed in and digested. As a result, Grace is smiling, and much more holy energy is freely offered while much less unholy energy is pushed out. Courtesy Bitmoji and Grace Daniels.]


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