Promised Land Living: Growing in Christ

04_growing_christianContinued from here.

As I stated in my last blog entry, receiving Jesus as your personal Savior is the starting point of Christianity, not the ending point. If you simply invite Jesus into your heart to “get out of going to hell,” you miss the point of Jesus’ sacrifice for you. He came to restore your relationship with God (the cycle of holiness), and he came to give you abundant life. This isn’t going to happen if you live a selfish life, only concerned with staying out of hell and otherwise living your life however you feel like living it.

The Great Commission is to go and make disciples, not selfish Christians who only care about avoiding hell. Jesus specified that we are to teach people to obey everything that Jesus commanded. That means we need to do what God tells us to do and teach others to do so as well. If you are unwilling to do what God says to do, you are not Jesus’ disciple, so don’t expect to enjoy the many wonderful blessings that God has promised for those who love Him. If you love God, you will keep His commandments.

As you can see from the graphic, keeping God’s commands requires us to put on the breastplate of righteousness. While it doesn’t change the unholy energy being pushed in, it prevents some of that unholy energy from being pushed out onto others. This feels unnatural, so obedience is always intentional. No more lazy Christianity – we must choose to do the right thing – what God wants us to do — regardless of how we feel.

As we choose to act in obedience to God, we begin pulling more of God’s holy energy into our souls. This is the key to the sowing and reaping principle. If I need more financial provision, I need to tithe — regardless of how I feel — to pull God’s provision into my life. If I need to experience more of God’s grace, I must extend grace to others – regardless of how I feel. Do you need to feel loved? Be loving to others. Do you need to feel valued? Then value others.

Every action we take in obedience to God’s Word pulls what we have given to others into our own lives. Writing letters of recommendations for others invites God to bring us a new job. Babysitting a friend’s child invites God to provide childcare for our own children. Every act of kindness we choose is love: pouring more of God out to others and leaving room for God to replenish us with more of Himself.

Continued here.

[Graphic: “Growing Christian.” This graphic is the same as for Baby Christians with a notable exception: Grace is wearing the Breastplate of Righteousness, so even though much unholy energy & thoughts are being pushed in and digested, the proportion of holy versus unholy energy coming out of her has shifted, with more holy energy and less unholy energy as compared to the Baby Christian stage. Courtesy Bitmoji and Grace Daniels.]


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