Promised Land Living Broken: Separation from God

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If only the Fall in the Garden of Eden had not happened … but it did. From Eve’s perspective, all she was doing was eating a piece of fruit, but this one choice to allow Satan to push an unholy thought into her head (that God was not truthful) had HUGE consequences that separated us from God! Let’s walk through the graphic to understand how.

God still offers holy energy, such as His love, joy, and peace. This is why Jesus told us that…

[God] causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous.” ~ Matt. 5:45

However, now Satan has entered the equation, and he isn’t a gentleman like God. While God freely offers holy energy that Grace can freely draw, Satan pushes his unholy energy. This is why 99 people can compliment a job well done, but we will instead fixate on the one person who criticized us. Compliments are freely given, waiting to be invited in, but criticism is pushed in, which takes no effort on our part to receive. As a result, our natural state is for all sorts of negative garbage to be pushed into our thoughts (requiring no effort on our part) while we choose to draw in very little of the good.

Whatever enters our thoughts gets digested and becomes a part of our soul. When we make no effort to control our thoughts, the negative (unholy) energy gets pushed in, causing us to digest the poison, which sickens our soul. The more unholy energy we digest, the sicker we become, such as through self-hatred, anger, bitterness, pride, and selfishness. Sadly, because our natural state is not controlling our thoughts, mostly negative energy pushes into us. The same holy energy is still available to us, but it requires effort to draw in, and most of us don’t make the effort. So, we live our lives feeling more and more miserable but don’t know why.

It gets worse.

The unholy energy we allow to be pushed into us also gets pushed out. So, the more negative energy you allow to be pushed into your thoughts, the more you will naturally push out to the people around you. As your toxic energy is pushed into them, they digest it, poisoning their souls further and then pushing even more unholy energy back onto you. This dynamic brings about disharmony and disunity in our relationships and fuels even more unhappiness in lives.

Our Holy God can have no part of this unholy cycle, so he enforces a boundary not to receive this unholy energy, which breaks the Cycle of Holiness. This is the “Old Testament God” who people frequently accuse of being “mean.” He’s not “mean” – He’s holy. So, now Grace … and all of us … are separated from God.

Who will save us from this wretched state?

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[Graphic: “Separation from God.” A Holy God freely offers energy to Grace, but Satan also pushes in unholy energy. She receives some holy energy through free choice, but unholy energy is also pushed in. Both funnel into her head. She digests the unholy energy and pushes it out onto other people. God enforces a boundary not to receive the unholy energy, resulting in Grace’s separation from God. Courtesy Bitmoji and Grace Daniels.]