Promised Land Living: Cycle of Holiness

01_cycle_of_holinessContinued from here.

This graphic shows how God intended Promised Land living to work. Let’s walk through each element in the graphic.

The cycle of holiness as designed (as it existed in the Garden of Eden before the Fall) starts with God as the Source. He freely offers holy energy to us. This holy energy is offered, not pushed. We choose to draw it in through free choice.

We decide what energy and how much we want to receive. Do we want to feel more love? We can freely draw from an endless supply of love. Do we want to experience more joy? Boundless joy is available to us. How about more peace? Simply draw it in. God is limitless!

Note that the place we draw in God’s energy is through our heads, or our thoughts. In the Garden of Eden, Adam’s thoughts were aligned with God’s thoughts, and all he drew in was good. He digested the holy energy that he drew in, which fed his soul, and the natural outward flow (through the heart) was holy energy, which was freely offered to other people as well as back to God. Because only holy energy was flowing out of us, God freely received holy energy from us, such as our love, joy, and peace, completing the cycle of holiness.

Note that a cycle requires a flow of energy. Adam and Eve did not hoard the energy that God offered to them. They drew in God’s good (holy) energy through their thoughts. They digested this goodness, which became a part of their souls (“fed” their souls), and then they gave holy energy through their hearts out of the overflow of what had been poured into their heads. Other people were invited to freely receive that holy energy as well as God. Everyone was interconnected through holy energy, continually strengthening the unity among God, Adam, and Eve.

What pulled the energy into the head came from energy first being poured from the heart. So, if Adam wanted to experience more love, he would freely offer love to Eve. As that love poured out, more love was drawn in. As Eve wanted more peace, she freely offered peace to Adam, which drew more of God’s peace into her. And it was good.

Continued here.

[Graphic: “Cycle of Holiness as Designed.” A Holy God freely offers energy to Grace. She freely receives the energy through free choice re: what and how much is received. This funnels into her head. She digests it, and it comes out of her heart, with holy energy being freely offered to other people and back to God. God freely receives the holy energy through free choice re: what and how much to receive. Courtesy Bitmoji and Grace Daniels.]


4 thoughts on “Promised Land Living: Cycle of Holiness

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