Seven Fundamental Practices: Daily Quiet Time with God

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As I shared here, other than receiving Jesus as my personal Lord and Savior, the most important decision I ever made was to spend daily quiet time with God. The Bible promises that we will find God if we will seek Him with all our hearts.

Note that seeking requires effort. When you play Hide & Seek, the seeker must make an effort to find the hider. Otherwise, the game is a waste of time. The seeker does not just go about his day and occasionally glance around. Seeking is an activity that takes effort, focus, and time.

If you are a Christian, when someone asks you what your #1 priority is, you will likely say God. However, if someone were to watch everything you do for a week, would that priority be evident in your actions? Do you set aside any time during your day for one-on-one time with God?

I didn’t! I was leading Bible studies but did not prioritize God. If you has asked me if God was the most important part of my life, I would have said yes, but my actions said otherwise. I would squeeze in doing my Bible study “homework” while waiting in the carline or cram it all in the night before we met. I would say prayers to God on the fly, mostly when I needed something. (Not to say there isn’t a place for that – I’ll get to that when I discuss prayer.)

However, I certainly set aside time to watch my favorite TV shows, to hang out with friends each week, and do other activities that I valued. Sadly, I valued them more than I valued God, and this was evidenced by the fact that I set aside regular time for those activities while squeezing in time for God.

All of this changed when I made the life decision in March 2013 to tithe the first hour of my day to God. Instead of giving God the scraps of my time, I made Him my first priority, and that was when I found Him. Of course, God was always with me, but when I started setting aside quality time with God, I started being with God.

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[Graphic: Cartoon of Grace smiling while holding a red ribbon that says “#1.” Courtesy Bitmoji.]