Four Fundamental Beliefs: Differing Perspectives

mountain_ltd_perspectiveContinued from here .

Your perspective will determine whether you believe that God is bigger than your problems. To help explain this, the first graphic shows the perspective of someone focused on the problem. Notice how the problem fills up the frame. All you can see is the problem and how much larger it is than you are.

This is what happens when we ask Why? and How?. Those questions keep us focused on our problems, and this is the norm for most people. We study our problems, mull them over in our heads, and obsess over them. We try to come up with ways to manage them, but some problems are simply too large to be managed. Then, we wind up creating other problems to help us escape the first one through dependencies, such as drinking, drugs, food, compulsive busyness … you can fill in the blank for yourself.

The first graphic represents how I viewed overcoming the child abuse. I couldn’t go over, under, or around it, and the child abuse filled the frame of my perspective. So, I ate to “stuff down” the pain, which just erected another problem in the form of an eating disorder. The more I fixated on food, the larger the problem became until that was all I could see in my frame.

However, check out the graphic of your perspective when you take your eyes of your problem and, instead, focus on your God by asking Who?.


While your problem continues to be much larger than you, it pales in comparison to the size of your God. When you shift your perspective to include God, you find much more room in the frame of your perspective for His joy, peace, and contentment. While both views are true, only one is complete.

[Graphics: First: Cartoon of Grace standing in front of a large cube with “Problem” written on it. Second: Same drawing, but a huge triangle behind them with “God” on it makes Grace and the “problem” cube appear small. Courtesy Bitmoji and Grace Daniels.]

3 thoughts on “Four Fundamental Beliefs: Differing Perspectives

  1. […] we focus our thoughts on is magnified while whatever we turn our thoughts away from shrinks. See this blog entry for a more in-depth discussion of the how changing your perspective can change how you view God […]


  2. […] Worldly trouble is to be expected. It does not mean that God has forgotten you. Instead, it means that God is going to show you that He is bigger. I have lived this truth, so I know firsthand that it is so. God was bigger than my childhood abuse, grief, and infertility. He was able to heal my pain and bring me joy and peace. He was even able to heal a post-traumatic disorder condition that experts said was incurable. I am not minimizing your problem: I am encouraging you to recognize that your problem is dwarfed by the size of your God. […]


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