Grace’s Journey: God Works All for Good

whats_goodContinued from here.

On the other side of my son’s bullying and surgery, I can see how God worked these “bad” events for good. And in the places I have yet to see the good, I trust that God is in control.

Back in the Fall of 2013, my son dropped out of our church’s Youth group. To make a long story short, my son has some special needs that were not a good fit with some of the Youth programs at that time. My son attending Youth group had been a compromise because he had previously fought us on attending church and Sunday School. By dropping out of Youth, he was removing all weekly religious activities from his life. I was very conflicted about this, but God placed heavily on my heart that I needed to “trust and wait,” which are two things I was not particularly good at.

Fast forward to the bullying in Dec 2014/2015 … The bullying was by teammates on his high school basketball team. A friend reminded me that the Youth group’s basketball league was just starting its season, so my son quit the school’s team and played on the Youth group’s team instead. I thought he would return to the school’s basketball team in the Fall because the dynamics had changed, but he actually chose the church league over the school league!

In addition to this, through the church league, my son reconnected with his former best friend, who stayed in Youth group after my son left, and this boy invited my son to return, telling him that their small group had new leadership that was a better fit for his special needs. Guess what? My son made the choice to return to Youth group! (Oh, and the surgery was a complete success with a full return to sports.)

I have no question that God orchestrated all of this, and I think the surgery helped because the vast majority of cards, visits, and other forms of support came through our church family. At the time that my son needed support the most, it was the Christians in our lives who provided that support.

So, no matter how dark or stormy your life seems right now … no matter how much chaos you are dealing with … no matter how little makes sense to you … no matter how unfair your life circumstances seem, remember this — God loves you! He is good! He is in control over your situation! And He is here with you – right here and right now – in the middle of this storm. You are NOT alone!

[Graphic: Cartoon of Grace standing in front of a staircase asking, “What’s good?” Courtesy Bitmoji.]


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